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Meet Haskell Hodge. At sixteen he’s already garnered some fame as a former child actor and star of a popular cereal commercial. But that doesn’t do much for him when he’s dumped at his aunt’s house in the suburbs of Los Angeles to face an assortment of neighborhood bullies. He thinks he might be gay. In fact, he could be the only gay person in the valley, maybe on the entire planet. Even if he does manage to find a boyfriend, their relationship would have to be secret and invisible. After all, it’s 1966.

The romantic story of Mike and Ian, two boys in a rural southern town. While their lives growing up share little in common, a bond forms between them over the course of five life-changing summers. This story recounts the magic of those five summers. "A Surplus of Light" is an indulgent romance story and a coming of age story wrapped into one beautifully evocative book.

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